About Us

Asociatia Aeronautica RomanaThe Romanian Aeronautical Association is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of ensuring an optimum organizational environment for safely supporting, expanding, promoting and developing the aeronautical activities.

Our activities:

  • promoting and supporting programs that are dedicated to safely conduct aeronautical activities
  • development, promotion and implementation of projects that reduce the aviation activities impact on the environmental
  • organizing conferences, seminars, round tables and working groups for different issues of general interest, but also to ensure an efficient experience exchange between members of the association and other organizations with similar goals and objectives at national and international level
  • organizing specific events: aviation meetings, performances, conferences, exhibitions, in order to promote human values of the aeronautical field
  • supporting the rehabilitation and maintenance of necessary infrastructure ,in working order for carrying on the aeronautical activities
  • organizing courses in collaboration with relevant institutions to raise standards of training in order to increase the quality and safety of flight
  • representing organizations with similar purposes, in the relation with governmental and nongovernmental structures at national and international level

Aeronautic Show

European Aviation Institute LogoThe only aeronautic festival which combines the air acrobatics with the water acrobatics on some of the biggest Romanian lakes. The place where the art of air and nautical piloting shows off its value through aeronautical demonstrative applications, an unique way to emphasize the creativity of the best air and nautical acrobatics pilots and to promote the two fields, a fashionable event and an engaging show, staking on values like: human performance, technique, precision, passion and imagination.

European Aviation Institute

aeronautic-show-logoEuropean Aviation Institute is an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) approved in accordance with Regulation EASA Part 147 (Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003) which provides Part 147 training courses and also specialized aviation courses (non Part 147). Our basic training and examinations according to requirements of EASA Part – 66 to obtain Aircraft Maintenance License for categories: A, B1, B2 şi B3.